UX + Product + Strategy


Rethinking the onboarding experience for Gov2Go

Thinking: As the UX Lead Designer and Manager I saw the need to improve the Gov2Go app onboarding experience. In the previous version, users were forced to answer a series of questions for several minutes that weren't applicable to everyone - leading to confusion and questions about the relevancy of the app to peoples' specific needs.  My strategic solution was to bring users into the app to and to deliver real value through the experience as quickly as possible.  I found that the real value that Gov2Go could offer people would be allowing them to quickly see all of the services available (with tool tips-like modal windows and short service descriptions) and at the same time empower them to add any service they wanted immediately (with an easily-understood interactive service checklist).  The solution allows users to learn about and onboard a government service in the first two minutes of using the app.



Creating an ecommerce user experience to pay for your government services easily 

Thinking:  As the UX Lead Designer and Manager I was tasked with designing the new Gov2Go ecommerce payment and wallet experience. The experience needed to include security features, wallet functionality allowing stored information for multiple payment methods, acceptance of all major credit cards, ACH payments, ability to edit some account details, payment history and payment receipts. Additionally, there were many considerations to coordinate, plan and account for including specific requirements for connecting this with government entities and constraints tied to another product.  Many of the technical requirements hadn't yet been defined so my solution was to design a new process to help facilitate technical feasibility and discussions with business and multiple dev teams by showing a central document showing user flows through specific scenarios to allow the team to focus on how each user accomplished their goals. This approach led to positive and productive conversations with the team and very few ux adjustments needed within the development cycle once the product was developed.



Designing a way for one person to engage with customers across 400 locations

Thinking: As part of the Umpqua Bank digital customer experience vision – we needed a way for a single content manager to easily create and share fresh content and campaigns across a variety of digital displays at 400 locations across the country.  These included outdoor displays, in-store displays, kiosks and custom applications. Work included requirements definition, wireframes, user interface (UI) design and coordination with development partners and internal development teams. Shown above are interface wireframes and some of the content screens managed by the system.



Designing a mobile app to teach kids to save

Thinking:  As an extension of the Umpqua Learn-to-Earn program I created this app to help kids envision how to save for things they want.  We first created the app for mobile phones and then created a second improved version for iPads. I designed the user experience (UX) wireframes and designed the user interface (UI) to align with the Learn-to-Earn brand created to resonate with children. It was great to see how people enjoyed it.



Designing and testing a better banking product

Thinking: This confidential client needed a new and improved banking product. I led the design effort to redefine personas, new market trends, requirements and usability testing. The results were a vastly improved product.



Designing help for a home search

Thinking:  As a lifestyle experience for Umpqua Bank's potential home mortgage customers we created the HomeHunter mobile app. Users have the ability to easily aggregate images, home rating and notes about multiple houses and at the same time they can get pre-qualified for that house by their chosen home lender. As seen above the app received some rave reviews as a useful tool. Work included design direction, user experience (UX) design, wireframes, user interface (UI) design and visual design.



Creating strategy for a unified brand experience

Thinking:  The Umpqua Bank brand is based around going above and beyond for customers. I saw the need to extend that vision to create the principles and best practices of Umpqua user experience (UX) so that all Umpqua customer experience (CX) would be viewed together through the same lens. I created this playbook to share with executive leadership and at the same time began the first user experience and user testing practices there.  The playbook combines approaches from over twenty leaders in user experience that I curated to align best with the Umpqua brand. I learned about managing UX process and how to approach UX challenges in more regulated industries. 



Collaborating and adapting processes to make things really really good

Really really good work comes from good design thinking and a willingness to collaborate and learn new approaches and center our activities around what will help our organization and our users at the same time. Here I've included some screens of my UX discovery process including site maps, wireframes, user personas and experience journey maps. I'm always looking for smarter ways to do things so if you have one to share - please give me a shout!