UI + Visual Direction & Design


Umpqua Digital Design Systems and Projects

Thinking: The strategy for Umpqua Bank is to create a customer experience like no other that draws its roots from retail.  I was tasked with extending this vision by leading the creation of bank-wide user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) guidelines and pattern libraries. Shown here are some of the projects that extended from this effort: a brand guidelines website and retail interfaces.  



Kenworth Trucks Digital Rebrand and Website

Thinking: The blueprint with Kenworth was to capture the attention of business owners and drivers and showcase their trucks as the benchmark of design and quality.  I put a distinct focus on the trucks, established clear access to key information and fostered noticeably bold value storytelling throughout the design.  Work included pitch designs that won the Kenworth account, design direction and c-level presentations, user interface (UI) design and visual design.



Learn to Earn Savings Planner Mobile Apps

Thinking:  As an extension of the Umpqua Learn-to-Earn program I created this app to help kids envision how to save for things they want.  We first created the app for mobile phones and then created a second improved version for iPads. I designed the user experience wireframes and designed the user interface to align with the Learn-to-Earn brand created to resonate with children. It was great to see how people enjoyed it.



Retail Digital Consumer Engagement iPad App

Thinking: For the launch of the San Francisco store, I was tasked with creating the user experience, user interface and visual design for our in-store iPads. The purpose of these was to extend the entrepreneurial brand of this store experience by offering users curated content from RSS feeds on three different themes. They can scan articles, view and mark their favorites to share with others. The bright colors were to attract passers-by to engage and the visual circular theme ties to the circular elements in the store. We were proud to receive several awards for this project. Work included design direction, user experience (UX) design, wireframes, user interface (UI) design and visual design.




Hawaiian Telcom Digital Rebrand and Website

Thinking: The creative angle for Hawaiian Telcom was to leapfrog competitors and become the clear leader for household communications and entertainment. I was tasked with directing a team and work with global partners to help create a new bold branding approach and then to bring it to life in all digital pieces - including selecting brand imagery and creating design systems for multiple websites and campaigns.  Work included design direction, user experience (UX) design, wireframes, user interface (UI) design and visual design



SmashPack CrossFit 

Thinking: SmashPack is a growing brand that has been discovered by many as an excellent high-protein and healthy pre-workout fuel and post-workout recovery drink to maximize their workouts. I designed these marketing pieces to send to CrossFit gyms to share the benefits. Work included design direction, visual design and production.



Microsoft/Suse Alliance Digital Rebrand and Website

Thinking: The gameplan for this alliance was to catch the attention of people in key roles in enterprise companies and exhibit the key benefits they can get from the Microsoft and Suse partnership. I started with creating a visual language for the brand–showing the organic value of the partnership and illustrated the specific benefits to each of the key enterprise roles. Things took off from that nugget of an idea. Hats-off to a very cool client and a lot of fun creating this with the Anthology Marketing team. Work included pitch work to win Microsoft client, design direction, user experience (UX) design, wireframes, user interface (UI) design and visual design.